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How Cute can it be if its Dead?

The rantings of a lunatic

I never know what to write in these things @_@. I suppose I should start off by mentioning that my name is Cleo. Up until recently I lived in Arkansas, but I've since moved to Alabama. I'm not particularly thrilled about either one, lol. I am both a goth and a gothic lolita. I spend most of my time drawing- in particular I like to draw frilly girls with their heads cut off and other delightfully macabre subject matter. The rest of the time, I'm usually on the interwebs, reading comics, or watching cartoons (particularly 90's Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, but modern shows like Flapjack, Chowder, and nearly everything on Adult Swim tickle my fancy, as well). I tend to like things that are weird, creepy, or somewhat surreal (if you have any weird things you think I'd like and wouldn't mind sharing with me, please do! I hate to be so vague, but really, anything goes with me in the realm of oddities. I always love finding out about cool, new, bizarre things- whether that be weird movies, creepy surrealist art, interesting information about old-timey freak shows, or something completely different, I'd probably be interested in it, lol. ). I DISLIKE anime and manga, which sometimes seems almost unheard of in the Wold of the Internet, but I don't mind if you like it- just as long as you're not super fangirly/fanboyish. In general, I think I'm a pretty agreeable person, so if you want to talk to me or be my friend or something, don't hesitate to ask! I can't promise I won't bite, but who knows, you might like it ;)